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Personally my problem with the series so far is that I find really difficult to relate to any of all the character. I think that the writer should establish a more tight emotional link with the spectator. Because what I have seen so far is not bad, but is not so great either. I feel it lacks of emotions, it lacks of pathos and maybe more content could be filled within each episode. Besides Head, there’s not a single character which I find really interesting. Of course the series seems to develop and eventually will give lots of insights about the character and the story, but I think the writer (so Enokido, since he has wrote all the episodes until now) should have already delivered something at least to please the audience. Perhaps is not the best comparison, but in Utena there was much more character exposition thanks to the dramatic retrospective about each of the main characters. While I thought some of them to be over-dramatic, they were good. In Star Driver instead each episode instead feels too “empty”, and since we are almost at one third of the story there’s no room for setting to tone or introduction anymore.

Dunno, I liked all previous Igarashi’s anime, I even liked Soul Eater in terms of direction and animation, but I think that Star Driver does not have that “something” that makes an anime good. Hence I hope in a change in pacing or direction to happen soon.

About Head, well, he’s the only character that interests me. I want really to know why he has become what he is. His parts in each episode with the story told by Sakana-chan are my favorites.
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