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I just started reading the volume 1 of the manga only yesterday because a friend recommended it, I liked the (rather moe) character designs a lot, and the story seemed to be a very interesting dark and twisted version of Alice in Wonderland, add in a bit of Holmesian stuff (the Baskervilles).

I had no idea an anime is going to be made, but seeing as Kaijura is going to do the music and me being a self-confessed fanboy of Kajiura, I might just give this a shot.

Yes, I know it's a very shallow reason, but sometimes one needs no reason to watch an anime, no? So I guess it's better than none. The last fantasy series I saw composed by her would be Tsubasa, and while the anime (the Bee-Train version) falls flat from expectation, Kajiura fails to disappoint in the music department. Now I have to find the remaining available volumes.
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