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let's see, the only one they kept from the Drama CD is Minagawa Junko for Oz, since:

Alice : Yukari Tamura --> Ayako Kawasumi
Raven: Katsuyuki Konishi --> Kōsuke Toriumi
Sharon: Horie Yui --> Kana Hanazawa
Break: Toshihiko Seki --> Akira Ishida

I wonder if they are going to keep Ryō Hirohashi as Echo (I actually liked her character and the voice Ryou Hirohashi gave her), but seeing that there's a new cast for the main roles, it wouldn't be surprising that she didn't get the role.

too bad that I'm not going to listen to Yukari Tamura and Horie Yui, but it would be interesting to see how this new cast performs. I'm one who wants to see the new renditions of Alice and Sharon by Kawasumi and Hanazawa, respectively. (Sharon with a Zange voice, what a dangerous combination... XD)

oh and yes, the anime is looking very good in the promotional video, especially with Kajiura's music.
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