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Not surprised the cast is different from the drama CD, they always are.

For those who worry about whether Kawasumi would be a good replacement for Yukarin, fear not, Kawasumi is versatile enough to do almost any role, having seen tonnes of stuff which she has voiced. In fact (I know I'll get burned by Yukarin fans for saying this ) I reckon she's far more versatile than Yukarin IMHO, who is best suited for other more "loli" characters than Alice.

I'd be more horrified if Kugimiya Rie was chosen to do Alice. While she's the perfect choice to do Shana, Louise and Taiga, a bottom line needs to be drawn on where enough is enough. OTOH, this being made by XEBEC instead of JC Staff could count as a factor as well. I probably wouldn't be surprised if Kugimiya was chosen had this title been taken up by JC Staff, as Shana, ZnT and Toradora are all produced by them.
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