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Originally Posted by GipFace View Post
Because I feel guilty about winning last time and the time before.
I think people would rather hear your voice over something as petty as having a better chance of winning. If peer voting decided that you were the best singer, there's no need to feel guilty about it. Just go for it!

Plus, if you don't enter, then the person who wins is just going to say that he or she didn't beat the best, and it's going to feel empty.
Agreed. If you feel like entering just do it, it's not like you're hurting anyone with that beautiful voice of yours. :P
I think a lot of people would love to hear you singing once more.

Originally Posted by Chibi Nasu View Post
I'm plagued with the same problem I am every time... I have no idea what to sing!
Can I pick one for you?
Afterall you did suggest me a few good songs I wasn't aware of.

And I need a new mic... but I'm broke. :X
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