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He never had one. It's been shown on multiple occasions that Hei is a deviation from the normal contractor from the very beginning. They've mentioned he ate like that before Heaven's Gate and he's had a habit of acting out of passion instead of reasoning. I must say though it got my adrenaline up when they brought Hei's 5 course meal out even if a lot didn't actually happen, now we just need his passion sparked again. Is this really suppose to be only 12 eps? There's a lot of subtle for something that's suppose to be so short.
If my memory is correct, I read somewhere that the director said hei certainly has a remuneration. As I cannot find the source now (also I am not very confident about my memory ) I would not be insistent on this, but I will keep this open. Anyway, we can say safely that "eating a lot" is very unlikely to be Hei's remuneration. BTW, considering the pace of S2, it wouldn't surprise me if they announce DTB S3 soon.

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Good to see Hei back, eating again. His transformation throughout the series is slow and subtle, which is a lot more different than the usual anime character transformations where they suffer through a life-changing event. Hei on the other hand is just dealing with life, and slowly recovering just like normal people.
I am not against the pace of Hei's recovery. But what makes me wonder is the consistency of Hei's character. Before S1, Hei had gone through similar (or more serious) suffering: he lost his sister, was betrayed by his lover, and his comrades were all gone. Despite of those painful events, he looked rather OK in his early 20s (S1). Now he is supposed to be more experienced and mature (S2), but the very same person becomes a hobo this time? Unless proper explanations were given, it does not look very consistent for me.

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