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Location: By the vending machine, drinking tea. I a fan of Tsukishima? No, I personally hate every character introduced in this arc except Riruka. Yet I still say that you CANNOT say that Tsukishima is dead for sure. Not because I'm fanboygasming but because we don't have any proof that he IS dead. I hate to repeat myself but...unless the author confirms it through a character, narration or databook (or some other source outside the manga) then you cannot state that he is dead as a pure fact. You can assume all you want since it's your opinion but facts and assumptions are completely different things.

LoP...I personally think that the reason some users focus on you is because of the overwhelming sense of superiority you give of in your posts. It feels like you think you are above everyone else. This sense of superiority is usually found in trolls, and makes people want to contradict them to bring them down a peg. Then again, that could just be my opinion...
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