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Originally Posted by Sabaku Kyu View Post
Only Stark was truly defeated by a single captain (though Stark actually faced a grand total of 4 captain-level opponents in close combat and held his own). You can count Halibel too if you consider being temporarily trapped a "defeat" and Ulq if you consider Ichigonator to be merely captain-level.
numbers 9-4 were all beaten/killed by 1 captain level shinigami as was wonderweiss. edit: well 9 was rukia, but that only makes it worse...

Also, you didn't mention the rest, like how Histugaya said that the Gotei 13 short 3 captains would not be a match for 10 VL led by Aizen. In other words, Hitsu was talking about the Gotei 13 (w/ maybe Ichigo & his gang) facing Aizen and 10 VL. It's been confirmed Aizen did not have that number, while the Gotei 13 had a number of powerful allies Hitsugaya wasn't considering like the vizards, Urahara & Yourichi.
you're only beefing up one side. you also have to add in Gin, Tousen and wonderweiss to aizen's side
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