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Originally Posted by itachi-san314 View Post
numbers 9-4 were all beaten/killed by 1 captain level shinigami as was wonderweiss. edit: well 9 was rukia, but that only makes it worse...
Like Xagzan said, I was only talking about the Vastro Lorde. Only Ulquiorra and Halibel have been confirmed as VL. Barragan and Stark are both stronger, so it's safe assume they're VL as well. Yami is only said to be stronger in released form so not sure with him but it took two captains to bring him down anyway.

And Wonderweiss defeated by a single captain... yeah, freakin' captain Yamamoto. The most powerful shinigami in Soul Society's history. Yeesh...

Originally Posted by sayde View Post
Aside from that, Rukia simply failed to demonstrate feats worthy of VC-level. Where was the shunpo? Where was the shikai? Or better yet, why not just her use vastly superior reiatsu to overwhelm fishbone? It's not like she was officially ranked as a VC or a Captain. So she wasn't bound by a limiter.
Shunpo and shikai were concepts that I think Kubo had not planned on introducing until later in the story. And even if that's not the case, the fact that she didn't use them doesn't mean she didn't know how. She didn't use any kidou either, though she had just demonstrated that she knew how earlier in the story.

As for overwhelming an enemy with reiatsu alone-- do you realize how insanely powerful you need to be to do that? Think about the characters that have demonstrated this ability. All of them have been captain-level. Rukia's good, but she's not a powerhouse.

Hence my point still stands IMO. The only rank below gillians and the rest of the menos are simply normal hollows--which are fodder. That's what I meant when I said she was "normal hollow level fodder". I didn't mean for it to sound like she was fodder *for* "normal level hollows". I only meant to imply that she was on their level. In other words, she proved capable of defeating them, but also proved capable of being defeated by them.
Hmm ok, but what should be noted here is that hollows do not need to be menos in order to be dangerous to even stronger shinigami. Kaien's death was caused by a non-menos hollow yet he was a talented VC. It's not like shinigami capable of being a seated officer or VC automatically become invincible against hollows who aren't menos.

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