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If Force becomes Berserk, then it is going to be brutal. Since we already have a black knight, all we need is to put Touma through what Guts when through with Lily and the Special Force 6 as victim. Since we need a leader whom is also a friend turn enemy, maybe Hayate can substitue Griffs.

Seriously, no.

My point was that Thoma's backstory isn't one so thoroughly complex and intertwined that it needed to be a 'Golden Age : Version Force.'

Or if I were to use Berserk in a better comparative, I would say that Gut's childhood with his adopted parents is a good example. 99% of all Gut's past remembrance are on Griffith/Casca/Band of Hawks. His moments before that, while important, were but a small, almost irrelevant part of what makes Guts whole.

Likewise with Thoma.

What defines Thoma is the 'destruction of his life' when his village was destroyed and how 'he was saved' when Subaru and co. gave him a family and place he can call home. And both of these elements were already given a decent amount of development.

We don't need 2 chapters of 'Thoma watching his parents murdered, Thoma crawling out of the debris, stabs wild animals and eating them raw because rawr I must survive for revenge!!!!' because Thoma has not become a vengeful monster, nor does present Thoma carry so much trauma that he must be shown how he obtained those trauma through his suffering.
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