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I think what disappoints me the most about these results is how all the new girls aren't able to even so much as scratch the 2011 competitors. In every single arena the winner was somebody who took part in ISML 2011. And the margin of victory was substantial (if not massive) in every single case.

This wouldn't be that big of a problem if all of the 2011 competitors were in their own division, but as is...

At a personal level, there's results I really like (Haruhi winning, Yuri winning, some others) and some I wasn't fond of (the three Madoka Magica girls not doing better), but the bigger issue overall is simply the glaring inability of the new girls to even hang with the ISML 2011 girls if these results are any indication. I guess we'll see how Akemi Homura can do...

A secondary disappointment for me was the lack of older girls managing to rebound much.

So far, this is looking like ISML 2011 all over again...
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