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Originally Posted by ipodi View Post
Such behavior is not allowed - it is only not prohibited. It's a loophole and taking advantage of it is frowned upon. Just like the US government will go after those who use tax loopholes because even though they are "allowed," doing so pisses off the government and it will eventually come after those who exploit the loopholes.

If karuta is a sport, then there is sportsmanship to consider. Sportsmanship is a set of unspoken rules and decorum. Yeah, so you should be belittled if you play the game without sportsmanship, because sports is more than just winning and losing (even at the competitive level).
That's only if the assumption that Yumi purposely argued over cards she knew she didn't touch first, and therefore stole points from Chihaya (then again, it's her fault for given them up - but that's a whole other matter) is correct. I don't believe it is. It's almost impossible to tell for the first card, but it's clear that she did touch the second one before Chihaya. In my opinion, she only contested cards she was certain she touched first (she could be wrong of course, but if that's the case, her opponent needs to tell her), letting it go every time because "oh noes, if I argue, people will frown upon me" would have been idiotic on her part.

Of course, everything would be easily solved if they added referees. What happens when players can't agree on who should get a card anyway?
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