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I disagree with you all.
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Originally Posted by Kanon View Post
That's only if the assumption that Yumi purposely argued over cards she knew she didn't touch first, and therefore stole points from Chihaya (then again, it's her fault for given them up - but that's a whole other matter) is correct. I don't believe it is. It's almost impossible to tell for the first card, but it's clear that she did touch the second one before Chihaya. In my opinion, she only contested cards she was certain she touched first (she could be wrong of course, but if that's the case, her opponent needs to tell her), letting it go every time because "oh noes, if I argue, people will frown upon me" would have been idiotic on her part.

Of course, everything would be easily solved if they added referees. What happens when players can't agree on who should get a card anyway?
She's said to contest every close call. So, unless you believe everyone of those is hers (unlike, say, half, which would be more natural), she damn well contests cards not only when she isn't sure, but when she damn well knows she wasn't first. That's what her first argument looked like to me: a bluff, and when she saw Chihaya was susceptible, she drove the blade all the way in and twisted.

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Agreed,I don't think her opponent pulled this off often,just a couple times was enough to get to Chihaya and she didn't do it anymore because she didn't need to.
I would think that she can't do it everytime.In football if you keep arguing calls with the ref you're going to end up with a flag thrown your way,if you keep arguing calls in basketball you'll end up with a technical,if you keep arguing balls and strikes in baseball you could get ejected,if you keep arguing calls in soccer you'll get a yellow card...
The thing is, karuta's essentially a self-arbitrated sport. It's impossible for the officials to actually watch all the games. They'd need high speed cameras over every game, and to replay contested points - but they don't do that. They trust the players instead. Which means that without sportsmanship, you've got nothing.

I'm no karuta player, but I don't think I'd mind getting trounced by Shinobu. She's just plain better than everyone else. Fine. But I don't think I'd want to even play in the same room as Yumin. She's not just annoying - the thought that she's getting by on dishonesty is just shameful.

So there's got to be a limit,and I'm sure Yumin knows it,notice she contested the call on what seemed to her like a crutial card,I'm inclined to believe that she wouldn't have done it if that was not the case.

If Chihaya had just showed some resistance she might have stopped doing it,notably because she'd think she missed her crutial chance and her moral would be back down.
Probably, yes. I think Sudou would have destroyed her if she'd tried it on him - it's not like she doesn't have buttons to push. But Chihaya didn't merely let her get a card - she let her take her confidence, too. That was the fatal blow.
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