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Well, that was an interesting episode in that we got to see it from the PoV of someone who hasn't been in the main cast at all.

But I loved Yumin so it was all cool. She is actually my idol among the women in this show now. I could care less about deified talented players or youthful dreamers or people full of confidence and with a plan of action all the time. I sympathize much more with tenacious workers who aren't exactly brimming with confidence all the time but manage to hang on nonetheless. They are just that much more real, real as in seeing the flaws with the world and themselves but coping with it nonetheless. They will have to battle all their life with the possibility of eventually giving in to despair, of becoming nothing but a whiner, but so long as they don't do it, they are awesome.

I severely disagree with those posters who think contesting every close call is dishonest. Contesting every close call is what separates the passionate and the sincere from the weak-willed and the insincere. Sportsmanship includes being serious about the sports and that means contesting what you believe should have been yours. There are many things wrong with claiming that Yumin is cheating just because she contests all close calls, the first of them being the assumption that she contests even when she knows for sure that the card wasn't hers.

I say it is the duty of every player who respects the sports to contest a call if they are either sure that they deserved the point or if they are unsure as to who should get it. The only time it'd be dishonest, cheating and disruptive would be if you contested something you know for sure that you didn't win. And that is a thing nobody can do with as much confidence and with as much detail as Yumin did with her calls.

Besides, Chihaya wasn't anywhere near as confident as Yumin that she touched the cards first and yet she tried to take them. Why isn't she being harped on for being dishonest instead? It's kind of redundant to try and defend her point here when she couldn't manage to make a case for it herself, don't you think?
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