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Originally Posted by Javiersansano View Post
Now, this surprises me a little... I really thought that only Katrina had a thing for Heero Yui (politician), but both sisters?... a little too cliched, don't you all think (reminds me of a anime called futakoi)... and besides, is Heero Yui even interested? Anyway, I suport Katerina

Anyway, now i'm confused; which of the twins "died" (faked her death) in order to pilot Wyvern, and which took the name of the other as leader of Sanc? And regarding Wyvern, is it really true that the residual personality in it is the Cat? what about its pilot

On the other hand... IkuzeMinna, dude, I'm kinda hating you now... just kidding, but When you posted the spoiler of snow white, I really thought that it was an spoiler for THE Snow White Gundam, not that damn picture I've found on the web, and that really pisses me off. Again, no hard feelings, its just that I got my hopes up a little
Haha, sorry pal. It wasn't my intention. Though rather than at me you should be mad at the author who has been smoking so much weed lately that he apparently forgot to reveal the new Gundams. Instead of giving us nightmares with his Disney-induced BS that involves cross-dressing scientists (thank you Sumizawa, episode 47 will never be the same again) he really should stop with a plot that has not only jumped the shark but any and all aquatic lifeforms known to man and just pull off the cloaks of those colossal pseudo-Jedi. Seriously, this is so overdue, it's not even funny. >_>

And yeah, this Heero is quite the player, isn't he? I'm not sure if I want to know where this ends... You can smell the cheesecake a mile away. That and more convoluted family trees. Though for some reason the idea of Heero Yuy having a liaison with both Peacecraft twins is sort of amusing, if only to find out who ends up being cousins with whom. It's like playing bingo. Get three people right and you win. xD

*reads old posts* Okay, so from what I understood Sabrina faked her own death in a shuttle bombing thus being the one to officially die. When Katrina decides to continue piloting the Wyvern she passes on her name (and her feelings for Heero? lolwhat) to Sabrina, making Sabrina officially "Katrina", which in turn leaves us with in even more Catherines. yay~
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