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Of course that man is somehow related to Treize, Frozen Teardrop couldn't possibly have it any other way! I mean, he already fulfilled the "look 98% like an already existing character in order to be related" factor. All he really needs are the bushy brows in order to look just like His Excellency. Now, why he is tutoring the future Queen of Sanc? I'm assuming that Romafeller sent him now that Yuy has gone rouge with his merry men of outlaws and Cinderella. I hope at least that side of the story could be interesting (but that's probably asking for too much)...

Question: How is it that both twins know Heero? I was under the impression that only Katrina was being tutored by him and is now on the run with him.

I'm beginning to think that if a group of sound fans came together they could write a better script for both the manga and the novel then what is being published.
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