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Shall we?
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Spoiler for Hello Kitty Gundam:

And you thought it was a joke.

Ah, so that's that Shergold guy. Yup, looks like Treize. Original character design is running rampant as usual...

Originally Posted by Eeni View Post
I'm beginning to think that if a group of sound fans came together they could write a better script for both the manga and the novel then what is being published.
FT is no challenge, as SkullFaerie says. Just buy the man a hamster. xD

Though seriously, the first thing I would do is to delete all those obscure relationships. Heero Yuy is not the stepson of Seis Clark (who the crap is Seis Clark anyway), he's not related to Odin Lowe, the man does not look like him but is the blond dude from EZ, like he was for 15 years, Ein and Angelina never existed, making Treize not related to Heero Yuy, who was also not a classmate of Dr. J (whose name is not Jay, wtf >_>) because that guy looks ancient and there were never Peacecraft twins, who were raised separately because Japanese are weird but one single Katrina Peacecraft who's Relena's freaking mom, not some Gundam piloting Xena wannabe (who's supposedly a pacifist ) with an overpowered kitty MS that suddenly vanished before the series and was never mentioned again. At all. And, under absolutely no circumstances, does Doktor S dress in drag. Ever. Or anyone else for that matter. >_>

Hey, this is actually fun. Let's see, what else... Ah, of course. The names. For goodness' sake, don't call a Gundam "Snow White." Likewise, don't call a Gundam pilot "Sleeping Beauty" or "Aurora Princess." Just don't. It's not "cool".
Actually, all the stupid references can go. First and foremost the Robin Hood ones.

Characters: "Let's go to our secret base, "Sherwood Forest!".
Me: "Deeeeep in the foreeest, hiiiiiide awaaay!~"

You know. I can't help it, it's my childhood. And it's driving me insane. Aside from facepalming, I'm also stuck with that earworm all day.

Anyway, I think with just that, FT would already be a lot more bearable for me. It would still be a crackfic but at least the main characters would save face. Especially Treize, the poor guy.

As for writing a better script, you know what? Why not? xD I hereby propose making a FT counterstory. Shouldn't be too hard to come up with something that actually makes sense.

By the way, wasn't there a rumor about Heero Yuy being Aoi's father and therefore Heero's grandpa? Or did I make that up..? Google search didn't give me anything for Heero (politician) and Aoi (love how Google goes "you mean yaoi?").

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