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The fact that it makes sense without the youkai also has to do with it.

Youkai lure their prey with some sort of temptation, and those who fall victim lose their souls. In other words, the weak-willed's souls are irreversibly corrupted.

I definitely agree that the ending was a downer , but if you think Of it this way it's a bit better.
Reminds me of that quote by the late Satoshi Kon "The true horrors of the universe lie within humanity itself"

Spoiler for Chp 7 ending:

Only by the end of the game I got this feeling: pity. For all the humans falling for the youkai, even Hikaru or Sumire's bullies, because although I am aware youkai are not all powerful and humans have the final say of "listening" to them, I am also aware what suffering and feeling worthless can do to people.

The only negative about the final chapter to me was the slow pacing, it felt prolonged simply to increase length as the final story, but once "Reiko" got introduced, it got interesting. Many times I thought "Please don't let x happen..." and, indeed, it avoided many traps and was sufficiently satisfying.

Yup, higanbana reminded me that ryu is pretty good when it comes to plot twists. The setting of the human/non-human world, its implications and the way their inhabitants affect each other was very effective in treating many issues like suicide, bullying, addiction, power abuse and social conformity in imaginative and interesting ways.

No flowers bloom in death. Beautiful. For a third time, thanks for the translation and I look forward to the second night!
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