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My main PC blew up, so I haven't been able to read Higanbana, so I don't have any comments on anything past 4, but I can confirm that Ryukishi isn't really exaggerating about the bullying. I was bullied to extent in school, and looking on it had I not had the internet (which was honestly my saving grace), I don't know where I would be now. I don't think I would've chosen an answer like murder or suicide, but these are answers that many bullied kids come to. And yes, teachers join in on the bullying, or outright ignore it often. I've seen it in my own schools. Most bullying is the kind in Hameln's Castanets
Spoiler for Chapter 5, early on:

I know it's hard to fathom if you haven't been bullied yourself, but yeah, this happens, and far too often. Again, like I said, Japan in particular has an extremely high teenage suicide rate, so it's probably something Ryukishi sees in the news often. I don't think we see it as often in America, though it's not uncommon to hear of teens committing suicide because they were bullied for being gay.

Try not to think of them as exaggerated, because they honestly aren't. Just search google for news articles on the issue, you'll find more than you think.
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