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Originally Posted by cronnoponno View Post
I'm surprised no one thinks that
Spoiler for Ep 7 moment:
Just got to that part.
Spoiler for Chapter 7:

Having finished this chapter, I must say it was my least favorite from the First Night. Maybe that's mostly because I couldn't completely sympathize with the situations it presented, since the worst I've ever experienced in my school life was having nasty rumors spread about me, but those can't get to you if you don't give a shit, plus I never witnessed anything of the sort happen in my class so all of it seemed a bit unrealistic.

Well, as many above posts say, it really isn't that exaggerated, and I'm not as naive to the point that I can't understand people can make such asses of themselves, but another part I really don't get, is why would get that agitated just by an occassional abssence of their victim. I mean, shouldn't bullies normally think of their victim as worthless and look down on them rather than completely depend on them as an outlet for their rage?

Bottom line is, I didn't think this was a bad chapter, especially since
Spoiler for Chapter 7:

It's tough to be blue...
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