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Yuruyuri Quaver 01 - Grand Delusions of a Heroic Lily

Akari's delusion power is maximum. I was looking forward to her introduction, and the show went all out for her first reappearance. That entire dream sequence that started off the show... I knew it was going to pull away and reveal that Akari was still the same background shadow we had come to know and pity, it was only a matter of time. It was only when Chizuru burst through the floor that it became clear her dream was coming to a close. A wonderful, if disorienting sequence. Himawari smacked Sakurako away with her boobs, for crying out loud.

Once that delusion of grandeur ended, a nice reintroduction to the characters. I like the new opening and ending - the OP with its theater motif and the ED's animation style in particular. The eyecatches are a lot more vibrant, and more leitmotifs for future character songs are also present. Hooray! The dynamics are unchanged, and the comedy is as good as it was before. (Poor Akari.) Chinatsu was the one who gained a new dimension, I thought. The way her hair devoured a small carton of ping pong balls was... yeah.

It's been a long time since the last season. It was only last week I saw Kyoko and Akari as Ghuta and Tamao, and Rumi Ookubo's really moving up in the world. She's been Cure Muse, Nobunaga and Tsumiki since the first season was off the air, but I'll always remember her as Chinatsu. It's a role she plays well. The parts with the girls were a lot of fun, but I liked the parts that bookended the show.

Finally, we get to see a bit of a Mirakurun episode/movie (okay, a bit more. This was probably the longest segment yet). Like that one episode of To Love Ru. It's not a full episode of Z-Cune Aoi, but the tone is similar enough that it satisfies the part of me that likes show within a shows. Rivalun's plan was notably silly, and Chinatsu and Mirakurun may have more in common than just their appearance.

Akari's Harem End may not happen, but I'm glad to see her and her friends back. Let's get this show started.
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