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Interesting that both Medaka and Binbo-gami have heroines that are far too perfect.

I think one of the reasons for poor sales of Binbo-gami is that it tries to teach the readers/viewers a moral lesson - and nobody likes preaching.
Once Ichiko agreed to wear suppressing stone to no longer drain luck of others - the story should have ended right there, everything else is just beating the same horse all over again and engaging Deus Ex machina to prolongate it as long as possible. It should be her own privilege to decide how much luck she needs for herself and how much luck she should share with others...

Another big problem is that it only has ONE main character that has any motivation at all (and even that one is pretty unenthusiastic at it). Everyone else does nothing to fulfill their goals (in the rare instances there one actually has a goal and not just a desire).
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