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Originally Posted by supermegasonic View Post
in terms of roles? thats interesting. though i cant think of what her role would be. friendship is already taken by ranmaru, rival is taken by momoji. she would just be a pain in the @$$ (wait isnt that role taken??)

i think she can gain an infinite amount of good luck and still not be a god, becuz she isnt willing to share it so easily (atleast ATM), but yea i think i can agree with this theory. but she'll probably just keep the fortune under the "god" level and throw away the rest becuz i'll be a pain to be a god for her. too much work
I do not know if it will become a goddess but it will probably god of luck without becoming one so far haha

PS: check out the manga section binbougami I post something that can interest to all those who read the manga ...
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