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I thought this was a good first episode. It got me interested in how exactly this system works. Perhaps its the detectives job to regulate not only her enforcers but also to interpret the judgments of the gun. We all noticed that the victim was calmed down by Akane enough to lower the gun's assessment from lethal to non-lethal.

Remember that inspector Ginoza simply said he expected a report about her actions. What he didn't do was berate her about going against the judgment her gun made. It may well be expected for inspectors to use their own morality on whether or not to carry out a lethal judgment or to try to make it non-lethal but talking to and calming the target.

After all, a computer system is not likely to discriminate between the circumstances that have lead to a target to having a high crime coefficient. It may be the role of the inspect to make a moral judgment though it certainly leaves open the possibility of inspectors viewing high crime coefficient people as subhuman and therefore it becomes unimportant how they are dealt with. Inspector Ginoza seemed to imply that was his view while explain the system to our rookie.

I'm interested in seeing what, if any, fall out Akane actions cause.

The episode was a successful first episode because just reading the preview on random curiosity left me uncertain if I'd be interested in this show. However, it set up a intriguing blade runner-esque setting and has raise a lot of philosophical questions about the legal system of this world. In short, it has done the job of hooking at least one new viewer.

Not to mention the tension and atmosphere I felt the whole episode had. I wasn't bored once. I didn't mind the speeches because I wanted to learn more about this world. And its ending left me wanting to find out what the aftermath of Akane actions would be. It short, perfect first episode that did it job.

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