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Originally Posted by karice67 View Post
Interesting that no one here questions why a psychological trait (the crime coefficient) is regarded as being contagious, which is a physiological characteristic of viruses/bacteria.

Admittedly, we do use the word and words of similar meaning metaphorically ourselves (as in "laughter is contagious", or "Stay away! I'll catch your stupidity!"), but I find it interesting that criminality is now regarded as being 'contagious', apparently in the literal/medical sense.
I think some people here are already aware of it (I know I do). It’s just, I think it’s some kind of “in-universe” thing (maybe like the Newtype-ness in Gundam which is born due to zero-gravity). So, I’m basically waiting for the following episodes to explain it. But yeah, it’s indeed strange how they seriously consider that psychological trait is contagious. That’s mainly the reason why the victim got treated like a criminal.
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