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Originally Posted by Zaku_II View Post
To apreciate the capabilities of Panzer III and IV, here is a chart comparing the penetration distances of several versions of Panzer III and IV against the great T-34/76
It's too bad the chart is based on the T-34 since all of Ooarai's tanks have weaker armor. The M3's 75mm gun will have around the same penetration as the T-34 though, and the Pz. IVG's 75mm gun is the same one as the one in the StuG III.

Originally Posted by Wild Goose View Post
I mentioned earlier that the display on the carriage really reminded me of that game. As for an Allied campaign, there's Allied General. I used to have both games for the Mac, but lost them in the big move 7 years ago...
Sure, but Panzer General did come out first. That map reminds me more of a Squad Leader map.

Originally Posted by Tak View Post
To be fair, Company of Heroes also featured two German campaigns

Well, if you got the expansion pack.

- Tak
It's not too uncommon for tactics/strategy games to feature both sides of a conflict - it's a carryover from the genre's wargaming roots. But Panzer General is pretty unique in only having a German campaign. There may be other games that also do this, but they're far more obscure.

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According to the chart, all the tanks have about the same max speed. So the guerrilla tactics that Miho uses against St. Gloriana is out. Their armor is also just the same or below average with the one Saunders use. But, wth? is that penetration power of the firefly?! It outstrips even the StuG III by a wide margin!!!
The chart's correct, but it's a bit misleading. The listed range for the penetration is at 500m, and you'd normally expect tanks to engage at around double that range. This means that the big guns like the Firefly will have no problems penetrating, but Ooarai's guns are nowhere nearly as effective. This is why Saunders talked so much about the StuG III - it's the only real threat Ooarai has at range.

Ooarai's AFVs aren't all that good, especially when they're matched up with late-war tanks. That's why we've been speculating about upgrades. Ooarai was completely outmatched from the get go, so their only chance is in using good tactics. In real life, that's what tankers had to do whenever they came up against enemies they weren't equipped to deal with. They've been lucky that Saunders hasn't been trying to push their advantages too much.

Also, the 76mm is the Saunders Flag. You can see the little flag when all the tanks are lined up: the 76mm is the closest to the screen and it looks a bit different from the others. The one at the very end is the Firefly.

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According to wikipedia, the Firefly is armed with the most effective anti-tank gun that the Allies used during World War II. So, the Firefly makes no pretense at being used against infantry: this thing was built specifically to destroy heavily armored tanks, and it was apparently quite good at it.
This is why the Firefly is so sexy. I'm still flabbergasted that the Americans actually turned it down.
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