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And I just noticed something, is it true that 38(t) happens to be the flag team of Team Ourai? Or this is another misinformation tactic that Miho is doing? The Saunders certainly think so but, I wonder what the logic is in that because according to the chart its their second worst tank. I would think that the Team Ankou would be better choice for the flag tank considering its their commanders tank and I have a feeling Ourai would go to pieces if panzer IV was ever shot down in battle.
The problem with using Miho's tank as the flag is the fact that the Panzer IV is really their second-best tank. They truly cannot afford to keep it sidelined holding the flag: they simply do not have the firepower to spare. Yet the flag-carrier is too important to risk sending out into fights. Also, Miho is unquestionably their best tactician: she needs to be out there where she can see what's going on, and give quick orders. So the Panzer IV has to be out in the fight, yet the flag-carrier cannot be risked in the fight. So someone else has to carry the flag.

It amuses me just how much raging is going on about the Type 89. Sure, it's not a brilliant tank, but the team is playing with the hand that it has been dealt.
The problem is that the hand the poor volleyball team has been dealt leaves them with the following problems:
A: They are unable to harm their enemies. It is pretty much guaranteed that no team is going to field a tank whose armor is weak enough that the Type 89 can shoot through it. As offense, they are absolutely worthless.
B: They cannot protect themselves from their enemies. Their armor is nearly paper-thin. All it is proof against is small-arms fire. Pretty much any tank that is even marginally equipped for anti-tank operations can take them out in one hit.
C: They cannot run from their enemies. The Type 89 is slow. It can't even fall back on fancy maneuvers to evade enemies, because it just can't move fast enough.

People are harsh on the Type 89 because it is simply not suited for anything. Anything it can do, practically anyone else could do better. The only thing even vaguely positive that can be said about it on the team is that the team's capabilities won't be in any way harmed when it gets taken out.
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