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Originally Posted by tonio44 View Post
When I rewritting an old chapter of the manga (chapter 77 : competition) I 've discover a mistake in the scenario.

Miya said that is Takehito who adjusted the number 11 and 12. It's impossible because he was dead before the tunning of the number 7. It's because he was dead that Akitsu's adjustement was failed and she became the scrape number.
The adjustment process apparently didn't go strictly by numerical or chronological order. No 11 and no 12 weren't the only ones who were adjusted by Takehito or whom he had his eye on. Uzume "terminated" one and left her on the brink of death (at Higa's order) and Karasuba "terminated" No 19 at lvl 4. Sakurako never clearly laid out how Sekirei tuners were chosen.

It's my guess that No 7's trainer bragged, boasted, and preened like a peacock that he could do it, screwed it up badly, and since Takehito was no longer around to fix it, Takami proclaimed that Akitsu had to be scrapped. At this point, since the "tuner" was yelling it's her fault and trying to kill her, she escaped, wearing nothing but his bloody lab coat and fell right into the arms of Mikogami.
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