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Originally Posted by Tenoia View Post
Could you elaborate more on how they pushed too much on her routes' aspect? I can see how Kanata resembles more of a device than a character, but wasn't it like this in the VN too at first? Kanata's introduction and initial successive crackdowns on Haruka's mischievousness made it seem like Kanata was just there acting as a check against Haruka. It wasn't until later that you started to think that these two have a history and then, as the route progresses, that history is revealed.
They actually push forward the "problem child" aspect of Haruka, which isn't really that obvious at the start of her route in the vn. Sure, she is quite troublesome, but that's that. In this episode however, they weren't exactly subtle that Haruka might actually be more than a prankster and make use of lies etc.

Originally Posted by Snuffle View Post
We had Haruka scribble not only on/in Masato's books, but on his face as well. Although subtle, it was (poorly) shown that she is the type to pull pranks. But then, like you say, she goes into overdrive and cause like two pranks a day. Does that much even happen in the VN? At best, I think it was once a day.
I'm pretty sure Riki meets Haruka almost consistently once per day, which makes her pranks a daily event, almost as natural as Masato picking on Kengo for a fight. That's why the script decision regarding Haruka's presence is baffling: she was barely presented in ep1-6, and then suddenly, she multiplies her prank in a single row.
Aside from Anego getting upset at Haruka calling her something else (Yui?) other than "Anego," I'm not remembering what their relationship is. Can anyone here fill me in about that? Is it in Anego's route or Haruka's?
Well, you have Haruka tagging along Yuiko as if she was a model for her, which is... inexistent in the anime for no reason. They removed their antics and dynamics, so I don't think anyone would expect them to be acquaintances before joining the LB.

And let's not forget Rin... It really bothers me, a lot, on how she's oh so fine being near and talking to other people, then all of a sudden, she decides "I'll be shy now." She's already trying to talk to Haruka, she stops, hides behind Riki, and neither Haruka OR Riki have a reaction to her behavior...
Indeed, it almost felt the scripter went: woops, we forgot Rin should be shy... oh well, we will leave as it is to remind people she is trying but no go.

It must be though for Mio fans though, since according the spoilers, she will show up only by episode 10, which is retarded no matter how you look at it. And I still think it will be a very weird mood to have all characters going all out on the baseball match AFTER going through their own problems and trauma.
It isn't like everyone could get "stronger" or as cheerful as before after what they went through: I mean, it would be quite difficult for Yuiko, Kudo or even Haruka to be as effective and resourceful after their individual route.
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