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Problem is Ike belongs to Nintendo. So there is no problem of using the old (and better) model of Ike. Dante is third party. All Superbot can say is we want Dante. Capcom decides which model they have to use. In this case they said Dino. Sony or SB can't say anything. They can't force Capcom to use the old one. I fully blame Capcom for that reboot shitface and partly Sony for letting this marketing happen but not Superbot.

Yes I should have worded better. Reviewers don't say the roster bad just unsatisfying. The main main first party choices are really good and very well implemented. But the omission of any Sony JRPG and other first party request is baffling. And the third party choices are also meh but I know that it is not in Superbots hands when publisher doesn't want or asks too much.

And the iconic crap is bullshit imo. Almost every of the first party choices are iconic or from a million seller franchise. Yeah they are not Mario or Zelda level but how many are?
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