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Originally Posted by Nachtwandler View Post
are you saying that it's hard to make good anime from Force or that it's horrible in terms of story
Putting aside the unfair reaction to a male protagonist- Force has made some alot of questionable decisions in it's plot progression; you only need to talk to the guys at the Nanoha manga SF to get the full list... Which they pretty much compile and recompile every scan release.

Originally Posted by Nachtwandler View Post
And what's wrong with yuri-bait. I really dislike all this NanoFate fanpairing but I don't mind yuri in Nanoha in general. And I think most of fans don't mind it too. Watching and reading Nanoha for me was more enjoyable than looking on Touma's girl-punching and tsundere Mikoto and Index antics. Maybe New Testament is better but I reaklly don't like Raildex much.
Difference- Nanoha sacrificed their good story telling for it; just like Dog Days they have a wonderful setting full of potential but instead chooses to squander that potential in doing fluffy carebear stuff in favor of more yuribait because it's safe and you can't go wrong.

Raildex capitalizes on it's settings and keeps throwing out new and fresh ideas, romcom has always been second place and the fanservice is not the focus.
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