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Well for the one or two people that are interested we have pictures and infos on Kat and Emmett.


Spoiler for Kat:

In PlayStation All-Stars, Kat's fighting techniques stay true to her combat in Gravity Rush, focusing mainly on kicks. Kat's a heavy rushdown character, director Omar Kendall tells Polygon. Her suite of moves includes a dive kick that can be used to quickly cover distances, leading to up-close combos that can quickly trap foes in a deadly flurry of kicks and anti-gravity power moves.

Kat's gravity powers can draw in and damage foes in the form of a massive energy ball. She can also summon items from a stage (barrels, furniture) to encircle her avatar, then launch them at opponents.

Kat's super moves include a deadlier version of her slide kick at level one, followed by a move that fires two volleys of tracking, stalactite-like projectiles at level two. Her maxed out super move envelopes her in a black cat shroud that delivers deadly one-hit kill slashes and area of effect attacks.

Spoiler for Emmett:

In contrast to Kat, Starhawk's Emmett uses a series of long range attacks in battle. While Emmett can deliver close range punches and a ground pound launcher with limited reach, he's also armed with guns, grenades and mines. Emmett can summon supply drops during fights, calling down auto-firing turrets — a real nuisance — and a generator that emits AP (All-Star Power), the energy that fuels super meters.

Emmett can also request drops for different weapons, a reference to Starhawk's "Build-in-Battle" system. In addition to his standard rifle, he can call in drops that outfit him with a shotgun or missile launcher, each with limited ammo that can be refilled from the supply drop container. Those containers can cause damage to other players as they fall, making Emmett an annoying force to be reckoned with.

While Emmett's level three super wasn't working in the build of PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale demoed by Superbot Entertainment, his other super moves were. One modifies whatever gun Emmett currently has equipped, transforming the stock ammunition into an energy blast far deadlier. His second tier super calls down a massive supply drop, killing any enemy unlucky enough to be in its path.
More pics and infos are in the link. There are also pictures of the new Wipeout/Heavenly Sword level.

Kat, Emmett and the new stage will be released in early 2013. Kat and Emmett will be free DLC for the first two weeks and after that most likely become paid DLC. Superbot are still uncertain about the stage.

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