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Haruka only said that she called Anego something else and she got angry, I don't think it was ever specified as to what it was she called her.

A 3 minute scene about Haruka's and Anego's relationship could've fit really well in episode 9 since there was so much time wasted there...

To be fair, Clannad was also as slow paced as LB. For me, Clannad first season was one giant common route with Kotomi's arc within it. LB is doing something kinda similar as to what was done there it seems. However, the execution has been poor in many places due to the scene shuffling.

I don't think it's known yet has to how long the second season is going to be, but judging from the speed things are going now, the second season must be 24-26 eps or else things are going to become severely rushed later on.

Mio is seemingly getting a lot of focus now, I wouldn't be surprised if her arc is next.
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