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Yes I agree, Clannad had much better execution, things felt very natural in which could be believed as those characters every day life. LB is failing to do this... And I think the main culprit for it is the "girl of the week" theme they've been using, it just doesn't help the viewer understand what these characters everyday life is like.

The emphasis on Riki's condition has been getting on my nerves. Even some anime only viewers are annoyed at it, the way it's done is a very sloppy method of narrating the story. There really is no point on using Riki's condition if his friends are not going to be concerned about him. Even Rin, a childhood friend, gets worried when Riki collapses. Early in the game, Komari gets worried when Riki suddenly blanks out on the roof while talking to her. Neither of these scenes were in the anime at all. This causes Riki's relationship with his friends and his condition in general to feel somewhat irrelevant.

The silly lunch room event was a giant stretch I felt, I forgot that scene even existed. Since there is already a lot of scene shuffling, I think this scene would fit in better a few episodes later from now. The main reason being, Rin's character would be developed a little bit more, so it wouldn't feel so out of place to see her asking everyone for help. Or even, let Riki be the one to ask everyone for help, shorten the event, and include something like Haruka's and Anego's relationship.
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