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Originally Posted by Utsuro no Hako View Post

Tomoko Kuroki is proud of all she's accomplished in middle school. Over the last three years she's managed to make one friend, talk to guys on no less than six occasions, and once she even picked up a pencil somebody dropped. With social skills like these, she's sure she has what it takes to become super-popular in high school, just like the characters in all her favorite anime and otome games.

...But two months into her high school career Tomoko is faced by the harsh reality -- not only hasn't she made any friends, she hasn't even talked to anyone outside her family since the first day of class. Well, if people won't recognize her inherent awesomeness on their own, she'll just have to show them how cool she is.

I laughed after reading the synopsis above. My congratulations to you if you wrote that up! I'm now intrigued!
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