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Originally Posted by FlareKnight View Post
I definitely had a chuckle during the preview. Man you figure someone like that has pretty high expectations....too bad they are going to get utterly dashed . Frankly I think all Sinbad has to do is point out the realiities and she'll lead the charge to overthrow Abhmad .
From Banker's word, it is obvious that Kougyoku is more like a "bribe" from Kou Empire for Abhmad for smoothing the deal between Kou Empire and Balbadd

Originally Posted by kitten320 View Post
P.S. Why does everyone like Kougyoku so much?
she's strong, arguably the strongest female character in the series

she's supposed to be the first character that use djinn equip, but the anime changed that to magical girl Ren Hakuei although it didn't change the result of Ren Hakuei's battle

her dere dere part is just a bonus in addition of her cuteness

don't get me wrong, I fancy Hakuei as well...but she's more of a motherly figure and good housewife candidate

not interesting enough for shipping material

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