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Originally Posted by GN0010 Nosferatu View Post
I don't base the power of fusions, I'm basing it on how each handled SS3. Kid Buu and SS3 Goku were evenly matched. The problem however is that Goku was alive and could only handle the SS3 energy for a short amount of time.
Super Buu, not Kid Buu. Kid Buu was far, far, far weaker than Super Buu. Like, at least 1/4th the power (Kid Buu + Fat Buu = Super Buu, Super Buu was on par with SSJ Gotenks, Super Buu absorbed SSJ3 Gotenks after getting whooped, Gotenks Buu whooped on Gohan, and then after that ended he absorbed Gohan).

Also, the whole living/dead body thing doesn't affect how strong Goku is. All it affected was how long he could maintain SSJ3, due to strain.
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