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Originally Posted by Wild Goose View Post
Author's notes, or just post here

And yes, I'm sure she'll lol, especially after I post to FFN.
I suppose, I'll stick to here, unless Muv-Luv section in gets its own community forum. Which it really should.

So, Author's tract!


That's actually Max, minus ponytail. Yes, yes, lame pun I know.

Original Bishop, I kid you not. The only thing that changed would be her eye/hair color.

Not bad for someone who's somewhere in that magic 28/30 boundary, right?

Alice is love, because the feeling of cute girls suffering is the best ^~^. And Mishima Kurone makes the best cute girls.

As for character themes:
Let the world fear us all.
It's just means to an end.
Our salvation lies in the Father's sins.

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