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How about making Unicron the creator and having Megs reprogram them to do his bidding? Ah well, either way, someone has to bring the BETA to the Autobot's attention. This is not the kind of thing Optimus will ignore, even when he has his own war to fight.

I don't really see Prime as a Gunsweeper. He's a monster in close combat with that axe/sword (depends on the version of Prime we're talking about) and always has been the type to lead at the front. Probably Storm Vanguard.

More importantly, how will humans react when they meet the Autobots? How will the Autobots approach humanity for that matter? With mankind's, very justified, shoot all alien life first ask questions later mentality after thirty years of war, I can't imagine a very smooth first contact if the Autobots handle this carelessly.
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