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good episode, chiwa shines & for a bit MC does too, was surprised with her apology after beating up sakagami & company, that's some strength of character & self recognition cause it is true she is using Sakagami in a way, and ending it like this prevents future reprisals.
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masuru is a terrible bitch.
true, finding it really hard to like her. JOJO or no JOJO. though I get there is depth to her and a past. still....( makes me glad Im watching JOJO too so i'm not lost on the jokes )
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Eita is a solid reminder that, apparently, every male in anime has 0 capability to fight properly.
ah you should watch Kotoura-san then & visit the AS thread, it will be refreshing for you.
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In other news, I would have liked to see Eita at least give him a clean shot at his face before getting beaten up. That guy deserved more than the shots Chiwa gave him.
yeah...but at least his reputation is now shot at school he will never be able to put that down anymore. no more playboy/good boy lifestyle for him.
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