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Originally Posted by broken270 View Post
In other news, I would have liked to see Eita at least give him a clean shot at his face before getting beaten up. That guy deserved more than the shots Chiwa gave him.
If it's any consolation, he did get a clean hit on Sakagami's face in the manga before getting trashed by Sakagami & Co.
Originally Posted by Uberchu View Post
Why can Masuzu still blackmail Eita if he had just shown his Chuu2 side in public?
Most of the people there didn't know him and won't remember him specifically. Chiwa already knew he was like that in middle school, and Sakagami is never going to talk about the day he lost a 3-on-1 fight to a chuuni's midget girlfriend. That does raise the question of how the whole school heard about it, which I suppose is either because Chiwa talked about how Eita came to save her, or someone who saw Chiwa beating Sakagami up blabbing.
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