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Originally Posted by cyth View Post
Wow, so few people voted, I'm kind of disappointed at the turn out.
Honestly... with all respect to the people who worked so hard on this, I think it's just too much of a PITA to vote. I know I looked at the list and the procedure and just couldn't be bothered -- sorry. If it were more like a regular poll in some way (not that we can *actually* use a regular poll), I think you'd get more traction. Of course, the fact that it does require more effort suggests perhaps that the people who participate are more likely to have put some thought into it (rather than just randomly clicking things), so it's a trade-off. But I'm not sure you'll really attract a huge audience as long as people have to follow such a precise way for doing things (which I know is good for automation... but at this level of participation, you could just count it by hand in an hour anyway).

Anyway, again, this is not meant as a slam against those who worked on this project and made it happen, which I think is great... but just a suggestion if we want to help the project gain more traction this year. I guess we have a while to work on it, anyway.

(That aside, I personally do think there would be merit in having separate categories for OP and ED. Then again, I'm the sort of person who basically always watches the openings and endings, so they're a big part of shows to me.)
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