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Originally Posted by felix View Post
There are actually established protocols for this, but I don't mind some homebrew if it's secure (my biggest concern with a homebrew solution would be a member being able to forge the identity of another legitimate member).
I didn't do a great deal of research yet, but at first glance it doesn't seem that our version of vBulletin supports an auth API without a third-party plugin (and I don't want to add another plugin to vBulletin right now). If you think there is a way of doing it with what we have without any code, feel free to propose it. I just figured I knew something could be written.

In the end, it should be written such that the odds of auth forgery are no more or less possible than they are on the forum itself, so I assume there is a procedure in place. But again, this is only my initial stab at the problem in concept.
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