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Originally Posted by Eisdrache View Post
5 bucks that the Sibyl system consists of the brains of people whose crime coefficient can't be measured like Makishima and Kouzaburou. That's why they need to be caught alive since their bodies are what's running the Sibyl system.
It's very likely to be that way...but I have to wonder why. Why would the Sibyl system need that specific sort of brain? What advantage would they have for the system over an ordinary person's brain?

It makes me wonder if perhaps Akane will be at risk of becoming part of the Sibyl system one day. Her coefficient isn't unaffected by stresses, but it does bounce back in a way that's unnatural for most people living in that society. Maybe they will target her, if they're running low on people like Makishima.

(Incidentally, I think the series will suck if it actually ends up with a sacrificial Akane-brain running an ideal version of the system. It had better not happen.)
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