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What a great end to Makishima's plan and overall, his 'arc.' Didn't expect Makishima to overwhelm Kougami so quickly during the fight, but Akane made up for that with the helmet. However, things won't stop there though - obviously there's much, much more to Sibyl and the Director, as shown at the end. I'm quite expecting one helluva of a ride from now onwards. I also hope that we're not seeing the last of Makishima...

Kagari didn't do much during the past episodes, but I couldn't help feeling a little twinge of sympathy at his death, even though I pretty much expected it after he decided to split from the group. I liked his responses to Cho Gu Seung, and the fact that he accepted his death with pride. So yeap, R.I.P.

Overall, another good episode. Looking forward to seeing Sibyl's true form!
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