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Originally Posted by GDB View Post
Pure of heart, not pure blooded.

For Kaio-ken, it was discarded because Super Saiyan is more powerful, and can't be combined. For Mystic Gohan, check his eyes and hair. Both change slightly when he goes Mystic.

Also, anyone else think when (if...) the movie comes out in the US, it might be changed to like, "Battle of the Guardians" or something? You know how Funi is with the whole "God" thing in DBZ. Could even change it to Super Saiyan Guardian (which I'd actually prefer, since that makes it far less cringe worthy).
Hmm, even though it was just anime filler, there was moment when Goku used the Kaio-ken while he was a Full-Power Super Saiyan. So he kind of combined them, but then the fight was non canon.

It will come to the US, not sure if it will be released in theaters(limited of course) or straight to Blu Ray and DVD. I hoping they don't chance the name but chances are they may have to, due to not wanting to offend religions or something like that. Interesting name, or how Divine Super Saiyan ?
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