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Originally Posted by incube View Post
*About the ending, after Yuichi remembers everything all he cared was chasing after Ayu, leaving Nayuki alone while her mom was in a coma. Shiro and Mai were also igored even though Shiro was about to die anytime. I really feel sorry for Nayuki >.<
Rather that a flaw in the plot, this was one of the points that made the show for me. Simply put, Yuichi acted very similar to a real person; at a point of crises, he shuts out the rest of the world and retreats to one, single problem--everything else had become overwhelming. It's not as pretty as fiction, but it is how real people act. Of course, this is fiction; so everything does work out at the end.

Yuichi really was the character that made this show for me. He's a nice guy that does a great job of straddling the line between total pushover ("can't say no Kaoru" AYA) and over the top trying to look cool jerk (Manaka Junpei, I-100%). He just feels more "real" than the standard seinan-romance hero.
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