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er... there is a foxgirl, a girl dying from some form of cancer, a childhood spirit thing, a girl with so much magic she creates spawns of evil. i thought it was some sort of romance, not something like that...yea and that disturbing deus ex machinima
Higurashi has...
Spoiler for Higurashi:

Kanon has in a magical city:
A fox whose spirit lets it live as a human for a short time, a girl with an extended disease, a girl in a coma whose spirit is wandering through a "dream", a girl whose previous experiences recreate demons, and a cousin.
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Yuichi really was the character that made this show for me. He's a nice guy that does a great job of straddling the line between total pushover ("can't say no Kaoru" AYA) and over the top trying to look cool jerk (Manaka Junpei, I-100%). He just feels more "real" than the standard seinan-romance hero.
Ichigo 100% is far from seinen.
You may have mixed it up a bit, since seinen romance (if it can be called "seinen") is very different from shounen romance.
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