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Kanon. A great series that covers the whole gamete of emotions and features many endearing personas.

First, I have a very long interpretation of the how some of the more magical events occur in Kanon, and how I interpretted the meaning of the last episode on the rest of the series as a whole before I get onto a broader review of the series.

Spoiler for on the entire series:

"The same melody repeats itself... as the song gradually grows richer and more beautiful. Wouldn't it be wonderful if we could also live seemingly constant lives... while experiencing changes bit by bit...
Spoiler for Sayuri:
" (Eps 14, from the A.F.K. fansub.)

The best scenes of the series were the ones with small surprises and seeing the characters work through the tough times with a smile on.
Spoiler for Makoto, Sayuri, Shiori:
These were the times when Kanon 2006 was at it's best.

When Kanon wasn't at it's best I felt, was when it got a bit overly melodramatic toward the end. Plus the convoluted last episode, although giving me a serious helping of food for thought, ultimately distracted me from basking in the afterglow of a wonderful series. I watched the series twice, once in '07 and I just finished it again just now. I had forgotten how great some of the scenes towards the middle were the first time I viewed them, I had the impression that the series was fun, lighthearted, with a bit of drama towards the middle and the end after my first viewing. But I forgot how touching some of the scenes were in the middle.

I also really liked the music. (I suppose this is more of a comment aimed towards the game than the anime.) The music was used much better in the 2006 version than in the 2002 version, I think the 2002 version used a lot of original songs and too many sampled songs which didn't capture or add anything new to the originals. The 2006 version also used a few sampled songs, which I think would have been better served by just using the original. But they had some successes as well, I liked the use of the Last Regrets acoustic version as well as the karaoke version of it.

I would have liked to seen the characters in more happier settings more often. A la Shiori's arc, during her arc, they seemed to be having so much fun. Ayu and Nayuki's arc were so "Uguu!". Anyway I seem to be winding down now. I would have liked another episode that got back to the characters having fun much like the first few episodes of the series to give the viewer more closure. I think an OVA would be perfect for this series.

Overall I gave Kanon a 9/10.

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Spoiler for Makoto's arc and ending:

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