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Originally Posted by Orophin View Post
And let's not forget that the town Bernkastel is known for its wine and that the red wine Rika drinks comes from there.

She said that she was once human but I don't think she ever said that she was Rika. In fact, she see herself as a diferent being from Rika.
She said it, she said " I have to tell you the truth , it's from this game, i played against this child ( Lambdadelta) I became a witch "

After that there's so many hints the "Nipah~" " Thousand years old" "I used to be an human"
Frederica Admit she was Rika when she was alive
But like i told you, she Couldn't call her Rika anymore, because she became another thing. So yeah she can't see her as Rika anymore. That's why ^^

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